Recent Projects – Winter ’22

It’s been a slightly quieter period at Farsight compared to autumn but there’s still been lots to do.

We had a meeting at the Sky offices in Cardiff to talk about their impressive AdSmart service, offering low cost, highly targeted TV advertising for small and medium businesses. We’re excited to be one of Sky’s partners in the South Wales region and you can find out more information on our website here: 

Justin’s younger brother Gyles is a musician and is putting the finishing touches to his album – a labour of love that has been several years in development. Justin is in the process of making a music documentary to capture the final stages of this process which will hopefully be released at the end of next year.

We got to film in historic Bath for DHI (Developing Health and Independence), a charity working in the South West region helping disadvantaged people and those living on the margins of society turn their lives around. We filmed their annual event, showcasing their achievements and hearing stories from those who have been impacted by the work of DHI. 

We have been working with fellow videography company AME Productions working on several commercial film projects: filming drone footage at an aerosol factory in Newport, capturing the graduation ceremony for Gower College Swansea, shooting the Royal Mint Christmas Experience and filming a drug rehabilitation centre in Bristol.

We are also excited to have joined BNI (Business Networking International), as a member of the Cardiff Bay chapter. We look forward to the New Year, working in partnership with other small businesses to help each other grow and prosper.

As well as all this, we’ve been editing some seminars for a diabetes organisation, filmed some footage in central Cardiff for a planning consultancy and created some antenatal graphics for NHS Wales. Finally, just before Christmas we filmed Jonathan and Jemma’s wedding ceremony in Swansea – congratulations to the happy couple!

Recent projects – Autumn ’22

Farsight has been busy this autumn, filming in locations both far away and close to home. In September, we had the amazing opportunity to film in Geneva, Switzerland for AMM Research Global Institute of Management – an international business training provider serving the francophone nations of Africa. Farsight was there to capture the graduation ceremony with photos and video.

Farsight was involved in filming four events over September and October: two healthcare conferences, a church leadership conference and a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a bio-tech company.

We also travelled to Liverpool with AME Videography to help film the new Royal Liverpool University Hospital on behalf of the building contractor. This £1billion facility was hugely impressive and it was a great privilege to see it before opening fully to the public. We got to put our new DJI Mini Pro 3 drone to work filming exteriors of the site – this proved a bit of a challenge in the afternoon when the wind picked up, but thankfully we had recorded lots of great footage earlier in the day.

Other projects include a series of BSL videos for Public Health Wales, editing some Zoom meetings and filming some teaser videos for an upcoming indie zombie film (hopefully shooting next year).

New R5 C Cameras for Farsight

Recently, we upgraded our cameras to the new Canon R5 C Cinema EOS models. This will enable us to greatly improve the quality of our output and give us greater flexibility when working on different film and video projects.

Here are the specs:

The R5 C is Canon’s smallest most versatile Cinema EOS Camera, combining 8k video capturing with 45 megapixel still image capture at 20fps. Featuring Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus and extensive professional recording formats, the EOS R5 C is a compact and powerful camera, providing high-level performance with advanced connectivity, revolutionary RF mount technology and lens flexibility.

The EOS R5 C features a high-resolution OLED viewfinder, bright articulating 3.2-inch LCD monitor, and 13 user assignable buttons. A new active cooling system enables long duration recording, while its magnesium alloy body ensures professional durability.

The EOS R5 C can capture stunning 8K DCI RAW video at 30P (up to 60P with external power supply) internally to a CFexpress card, using the whole width of its full-frame sensor for a truly cinematic look. Focus tracking is also available, for footage that looks slick and professional. 8K RAW provides the highest level of image quality and flexibility: capture four times as much resolution as 4K and change parameters such as white balance after footage has been shot, using Canon Cinema RAW Development software or your favourite non-linear editing application.

Alongside its 8K capabilities, the EOS R5 C captures 4K DCI (full frame) and 4K UHD at frame rates up to 120fps with audio and auto focus, with 4:2:2/10-bit quality, enabling smooth slow-motion with stunning high resolution. The EOS R5 C also oversamples the full-frame sensor for exceptional 4K and Full HD clarity with increased sharpness and colour fidelity, and low noise.

The EOS R5 C features internal cooling thanks to a brand-new design which allows heat build-up to be dissipated and expelled via a built-in fan and exhaust at the rear. This enables long duration 8K recording in Canon’s smallest and nimblest Cinema EOS camera.

Drone Filming

Sometimes we need to get a fresh perspective on things so that we can see them differently – how about we take a look from the air?

Farsight Films is able to offer drone videography and photography services to clients who require a more unconventional angle. In partnership with Steel City Drones, we are also able to offer dynamic fpv (first person view) drone material that offers seemingly impossible shots – take a look at the video above!

Our drone of choice is the DJI Mini 3 Pro, which is designed to go where most other drones can’t. At under 250g, regulations allow the drone to be used in built-up areas and among people – as long as it is flown safely. Our drone operator Justin is a registered drone operator with the Civil Aviation Authority and we have full public liability insurance.

If you need drone footage for your project, please get in touch so we can discuss how we can help you.

Video for Social Media

If you need to promote your business or brand, we can help craft content for social media sites that you can use to get noticed. Whether it’s short or long form, we can combine stock footage, graphics and animations with your own material to help you stand out on the internet. Interested?

Give us a call, drop us a text (+44 7968 033 089) or drop us a message here.

A guide to work experience in corporate media production

Disclaimer: This guide comes mainly from the perspective of the corporate video industry, but don’t dismiss it entirely if you don’t think it’s relevant to your career aspirations. A lot of the principles are the same, whatever sector you start out in. This article is intended to help those who have just started out and want to know how best to get a ‘foot in the door’. I was there once, and wish I’d had someone giving me a bit of advice and guidance at the start.
First and foremost, remember the film, TV and media industry is fiercely competitive. There are loads of young and enthusiastic wannabes out there just like you and you need to do all you can to stand out from the crowd. Volunteering or internships are invaluable in terms of giving you good experience and making contacts, but crucially it can also lead to paid work.
Spend some time researching local companies and contacts, compiling a list of phone numbers, web addresses and emails. Familiarise yourself with their content, so that they are not just an entry on a list of names. See if you can identify a gap in their staff team or the way they work that you might be able to help them with.
When getting in touch with contacts, it’s likely that they won’t have anything to offer you. If that’s the case, make sure you keep a note and get in touch with them again sometime in the future. Don’t do it too often (that will come across as desperate or annoying) but it just helps to keep you at the forefront of their mind, in case something does come up. Follow up with a message to show what you’ve been up to with links etc. Treat it as something like a newsletter.
The reality is, you need to be a bit tenacious in what you are doing. The people you are contacting don’t usually have a lot of free time and are dealing with a million things all at once so you have to get their attention and make them sit up and take notice. You need to demonstrate that it’s worth their time to take you on.
It’s pretty much a given that you need to be on social media. At the very least, have a YouTube channel and keep it up to date. Even if it’s about your cats, it shows that you know how these things work. You don’t need to rely on expensive camera equipment or fancy lighting. Most modern smartphones can shoot footage that’s decent enough for social media. Bear in mind that social media is your public profile and that anyone can access it (unless you’ve set everything to private). Make sure you don’t have any embarrassing content you don’t want a prospective employer to see!
It almost goes without saying, but turn up on time. Punctuality is enormously important, so if you struggle to get out of bed in the morning get plenty of alarm clocks and avoid staying up until 3am every night. Turning up early is even better, but being an hour early is probably too much. If you can’t avoid being late (e.g. the trains have been cancelled last-minute), text or phone ahead and explain giving an estimated time of arrival (ETA).
Be friendly and positive when doing your work, so avoid moaning or complaining about things. Do what is asked of you within the time frame expected, but if you are struggling ask for help. Don’t talk too much or say too little – this might be where a bit of self-awareness is needed. If you are an extrovert, practice keeping quiet for short periods. Similarly, if you are shy, make an effort to be a bit more talkative that you are used to. We all have to do things that are outside of our comfort zones so it’s good practice – eventually you will get used to it!
Show an interest in what you are doing and don’t be afraid to ask questions, but make sure you aren’t getting in the way or slowing things down during a production. Always keep an eye out for opportunities to step in and help.
Finally, be aware that some people might end up taking advantage of you. Having someone working for free is an attractive prospect, so establish what you are committing to before you start and stick to it. The main thing is don’t leave things open ended so that after six months you are still working full time with no pay. That’s exploitation and should not be tolerated, no matter how cool the company might appear to be.
What do you think? Was that helpful? If you have any comments or questions please feel free to write below! Alternatively, connect with Farsight.

2020, Covid-19 and Filmmaking during lockdown.

Filming in Newport at the newly opened Grange University Hospital with AME Videography

For most of us, 2020 was a hugely disruptive time. With lockdown restrictions in place, working from home has become the ‘new normal’ for many.

Initially Farsight Films was impacted by the pandemic, with several events and conferences that were booked in for filming cancelled or postponed indefinitely. Thankfully, we were in the fortunate position to have a number of editing projects on the go, as well as being in receipt of government financial assistance. 

Towards the end of the year, it has been possible to do some filming on location. In light of the ongoing virus spread and lockdown remaining in place for most of the UK is has meant keeping to social distance and hygiene rules in order to keep everyone safe.  

2020 has certainly be an unusual time in recent memory, and we hope that 2021 will see things eventually return to normal.

If you require any filming, please be assured that we are able to continue our work under Covid-19 safety rules. You can contact us here.

Special Offer – Book a video, get FREE photoshoot!

Special Offer

Get a professional video made for your business with a FREE photoshoot.

Farsight is running a special offer from now until 31st of January 2020, which means that if you book us in to make a £500.00 corporate video for your business or organisation then you get a FREE 1 hour photoshoot as well.


  • a day’s filming on location at your premises, filming interviews and gathering footage as required.
  • editing together using text, graphics and logos to create a professional, eye-popping video that will stand out to your potential customers.
  • supplying the video in digital formats for all major social media platforms (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and YouTube).
  • A 1-hour photoshoot at a single location, capturing images as required.
  • Editing the photos to a high standard and supplying in digital format.


So, not only will you get a professional promotional video to help you engage better with your customers, but you will also have some great images to use on posters, leaflets, banners and online.

Get in touch now to see how we can help: call/text 07968 033089 or contact us via email here.