Recent projects – Autumn ’22

Farsight has been busy this autumn, filming in locations both far away and close to home. In September, we had the amazing opportunity to film in Geneva, Switzerland for AMM Research Global Institute of Management – an international business training provider serving the francophone nations of Africa. Farsight was there to capture the graduation ceremony with photos and video.

Farsight was involved in filming four events over September and October: two healthcare conferences, a church leadership conference and a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a bio-tech company.

We also travelled to Liverpool with AME Videography to help film the new Royal Liverpool University Hospital on behalf of the building contractor. This £1billion facility was hugely impressive and it was a great privilege to see it before opening fully to the public. We got to put our new DJI Mini Pro 3 drone to work filming exteriors of the site – this proved a bit of a challenge in the afternoon when the wind picked up, but thankfully we had recorded lots of great footage earlier in the day.

Other projects include a series of BSL videos for Public Health Wales, editing some Zoom meetings and filming some teaser videos for an upcoming indie zombie film (hopefully shooting next year).

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